Welcome to Ned Fasullo online!


When you need the best, hire the best.  Celebrating our 15 year anniversary in 2015, Ned Fasullo and the Fabulous Big Band Orchestra are ready to keep on swingin' for another 15!

You have just landed at the swingin-est site on the internet - www.nedfasullo.com, home to Ned Fasullo & The Fabulous Big Band Orchestra!  Now entering their 14th year of performing in 2014, Ned and the band have more great events and performances planned than ever before.  You'll be seeing them on television, hearing them on the radio, seeing them at all of the city's major balls and galas, and if you're lucky, catching them at your favorite local hotspot

They'll also be doing some traveling in 2014 sharing their wonderful music with those outside of Louisiana.  They've got CD's, DVD's and more for sale in their online store so you can even take Ned and the band home with you!